About Me

Hi! My name is Peyton Gilliatt. I’m obsessed with Dr. Pepper & Planning and right now I’m counting down the days until orientation. For the last few months, basically since I sent in my first application, I’ve been addicted to reading blogs about law school, so I decided to start tracking my own journey. Hopefully, by joining me you will be able to find candid insight to the world of an engineer turned law student.

Engineering is basically in my blood and is definitely a family affair. Both of my parents and one of my brothers are engineers. Learning and experimenting were basically the foundations of my childhood, and I loved it, so naturally my next move after high school was engineering. Engineering school was the ultimate frenemy (S/O Purdue); the best, most rewarding learning experience that required late nights, weekends spent studying, and MANY tears. After graduation I moved halfway across the country and took a job as an electrical engineer for General Dynamics. I loved my job, but it affirmed the little inkling I had for so long – I needed something more.

Going to law school has always been one of my secret dreams. You know, those stretch goals you think “Well maybe in a perfect world in the right scenario I could make this happen.” And then I was 23 looking at the next 40 years as an engineer and I knew I needed to take the leap. I reached out to some friends I knew in law school, signed up for the next LSAT, and told myself I would at least try, because I knew I couldn’t be happy until considered the possibility.

And that is where my story starts.