Dallas Part II

So after I spent Memorial Day weekend in Dallas with my best friends, I decided to couch surf and stay with my friend in Tyler. I guess this title is a little misleading then and it should really be Texas Part II...oh well!

Anyway, I decided to stay with my friend to enjoy the Texas sun and heat because this summer in the Midwest has pretty much SUCKED. Literally it has rained almost every single day and I am not exaggerating at all. 

While I was there she worked all week and I got to sit on her porch and plan for this blog, which was planning time I really need and would not have had at home. (Side note: I am still amazed by how busy you can be even when you don't have a job) Then over the weekend her family came down and we got to the actual fun stuff. 

On Saturday we met her family a little north of Tyler in Canton and visited the First Morning flea market which was really hot, but fun. Apparently it is the largest flea market in the country and I would believe it because we walked A LOT. Unfortunately, but not for my budget, I couldn't get much because I was flying home, but I was able to get this super cute key sign for my new apartment which I am really excited about. My friend is a super cheapo so she even haggled our price down which was fun to watch.

The next day we went to Jacksonville, TX and visited a drive through animal park. 
This is pretty much what I imagined the experience would be like 

and it totally was.
I got to pet and feed a bunch of animals including this super cute cow. If you live near a zoo/park like this a HIGHLY recommend going because it is super fun.

Peep the super cute picture of the cattle ->

The next few days we just hung out at her pools while she was at work and then headed home. She lives in a retirement community on a golf course so everything is really nice and laid back. She also gets to use all the amenities since she lives there. Check out the view of the lake she has.

This trip was a great low budget start to the summer. Turns out I love Texas and will definitely be back in the future. Plus, there is a lot of patent law business that happens in Texas so who knows, maybe I will be able to land an internship one summer and spend a summer soaking in the Texas sun!