Law School Prep Book Review

Okay so I am FINALLY going to do my first book review on a law school prep book. To clarify this isn't an LSAT prep book, but a book to get you ready for your first few crazy weeks of school.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I chose to read Reading Like a Lawyer by Ruth Ann McKinney. After reading some reviews I left like it would give me a nice introduction into law school so I wouldn't feel so green on my first day of class. I also liked this book because it focuses on one of the key areas of law school - reading. 

My rating - 10/10. Honest to God, no joke, I don't believe I could have picked a better first book to read to prep this summer. 

The book is split up into 3 main sections: An Introduction to legal reading, tools to become a better legal reader, and a recap/food for thought/how to apply these reading concepts to other reading formats and texts.

There are also practice exercises at the end of each chapter that help you engage in the book so you are accountable for what you're reading. If you do choose to read this book definitely take advantage of these practice sections. I did each one and really felt i befitted most from forcing my self to conclude what I had read at the end of each chapter.

I loved every section of this book, but I particularly loved the middle section where the author provides tips to become a better legal reader. Not only are these valuable lessons, but you get to directly apply them in the practice exercises. Once you get to this section you jump right into reading cases and by the end you actually have the opportunity to do your own brief. Surprisingly, i felt very confident and prepared going into this chapter.

If reading tips and practice exercises aren't enough to entice you then let me also add that she provides her own answers to these questions online so if you ever feel like you need to compare then that option is always there.

If you're like me and don't like to half ass anything, so you need a head start on your 1L year, then go check out this book. If you feel overwhelmed about all the things you already know you don't know, then go check out this book. If you feel prepared because you got your shit together a long time ago and took prelaw classes, but want to know how to be a better more efficient reader, go check out this book.

Finally, I'm going to leave you all with a quote from the book that resonated so deeply with me. I think it is the best description of what entices me about being a lawyer.

"But, truth be known, lawyers don't think any differently than anyone else - not in the sense of how they reason. What is characteristic of the thinking pattern of lawyers is the precision with which they think, (...)"

Happy Reading!


Update: I am EXTREMELY happy I decided to read this book. I'm five weeks into law school now and I believe there have been 5 cases that I had to read for class that are in this book. Plus, one of the cases is the one I briefed on my own from the book. It is a pretty famous contracts case so I'm guessing most 1Ls learn it.