10 Things To Do Before Starting Law School and Orientation

I can't believe it's finally here - tomorrow I move into my new apartment and Thursday I start my first day of orientation. I feel like I have been waiting all summer for this week and now that it is here I can't believe it. I also feel like I have no time to do anything which is CRAZY. 

In light of this crazy week I am putting together a checklist to make sure your move and orientation go well. 

Side note - I really recommend finding an apartment that you can move into more than one day before orientation. I was scra,bling trying to find a place that didn't seem like there would be undergrads partying at all hours of the night and was also closer to the law school, so I ended up with the bad move in date. I only live about and hour and a half from my law school though so if I forget anything then i can always just run home on the weekend. Or let's be real my mom can just bring it to me because I'm 24 going on 12.

  1. First thing's first - make sure your utilities are turned on and you ave internet ready to go.
  1. Renter's insurance - yeah you need this. I got mine through lemonade because I heard really good reviews about it and they gave me better coverage than some other places for the same amount of money I would have paid.
  1. Check your car - brakes, oil, and any other issues you may know about. Law school will be stressful and you don't want to waste your time and money on something that you could have easily taken care of before it was an issue.
  1. Order your books - if you are interested in ordering your books used then I suggest getting them from the bookstores early. I chose to order my casebooks new so I could be the first to highlight/write in them and then sell them back later. I rented the rest of mine used but some of them weren't available so I had to buy or rent a new edition. FYI - they are going to be super expensive no matter what you do, so decide what is best for you financially and in terms of school and RIP your wallet. It's okay, you'll recover in a few years right?
  1. Defer your undergraduate student loans if you have them. Another thing that is really hard to do, but most people don't have any earnings in law school so you won't be alone. My school doesn't confirm enrollment electronically so I have to do it when I'm on campus and I am stuck paying for two more months while I'm getting it all worked out.
  1. Confirm your moving plans. If you rented a u-haul, have a pod, or hired movers make sure everything is worked out. You don't want any surprises come move in day!
  1. Read your orientation materials! We have two practice case brief assignments due on the first day of orientation and we are going over them with our practice groups. I did mine early, but I am planning on going over them again tomrrow with my roommate because first time jitters and all that.
  1. Get all of your campus materials worked out - student ID, parking pass, etc.
  1. Plan your outfits for orientation. I had my outfits all planned this week, but in our law school groupme someone pointed out that they actually updated our orientation dress code and we have to dress business casual the first to days instead of casual like they originally said. THAT would have been an awkward mistake. Check all your law school communications so that you can stay up to date.
  1. Lastly, take time to relax. This is the beginning of a huge step! Don't stretch yourself too thin. Take a minute (or a few) to unwind. Take a bath, put on a face mask and have some wine - you're going to be a lawyer!

Good luck with orientation and I hope your move in goes smoothly. Enjoy the cute checklist I made below.