Law School: How to get involved in Moot Court as a 1L

I am going to preface this by saying I’m actually not sure that all law schools allow 1Ls to be involved in their Moot Court programs as 1Ls, but almost everything about law school is standardized so we all have similar experiences so I’m going to guess that at least some of your (potential) schools have 1L bailiffs.

When we had our activities fair the first week of school, I saw a table for Moot Court and I thought it was very interesting because even though I knew nothing, I knew that you participate in Moot Court as a 2L not 1L. Turns out, we use 1Ls as bailiffs during the competition!

What does a Moot Court Bailiff do exactly? Basically, you keep time during the competition rounds. (You also read the Oyez! Speech and FYI it’s oh-yay if you freaked out and googled it like my friends because you thought you pronounced the z) You also get to listen to the good, the bad, and the ugly of the arguments and hear the judges’ feedback. This is my favorite part because I have no background in public speaking, but litigation is very appealing to me, so I know I want to do Moot Court next year. The judges (or at least ours) give a lot of feedback on how to be a better speaker and the approach you take to an oral argument, so I think it has been really helpful for me to be able to listen to it.

It was honestly a hard decision to sign up though because this time of year is WILD in terms of scheduling. Moot Court has been 6-10 Tuesday-Saturday for the last two weeks, but I have only had five bailiff sections so far thank goodness!

We have had big LRW assignment due the last two weeks, our memo is due in two weeks, there is outlining to be done, and just regular reading for class. All that being said though I still think it has been an awesome experience and I’m excited to get into the knockout rounds next week.

It is also really impressive to just hear people a year above you who at least sound so confident in their legal analysis when you are sitting there like will I ever understand law? It is also even more impressive to hear the 3Ls who competed in the competition last year fill in some of the judging spots and do it well. Basically, it’s like looking at what could be your future transformation and it gives me a lot of hope and excitement for the future.

I think in law school it’s important to join organizations and participate in projects that keep your spirit and inspiration high while you are reading cases at 11 pm on a Tuesday night or staring at a blank computer screen trying to write your memo (eek!).

So, if you have an opportunity to participate in Moot Court as a 1L I would HIGHLY encourage it. Get involved and stay involved. Law school is wonderful and there is so much more to it than your case briefs and notes!

What has been your favorite way to stay inspired as a 1L? Leave a comment and let me know!

Also, happy November!