Law School Supplies: Highlighter Review

Law School Supplies: Highlighter Review

Like any true office supply lover and over prepared planner, I spent a lot of time looking up the best pens and highlighters to use before starting law school. After working for nearly 9 months before starting law school I left pretty confident on the pens. I always have these pentel pens and some cheap bic stic pens in my pencil bag. Highlighters on the other hand, needed some more testing. 

In undergrad even though I used highlighters for notes and homework, I didn’t spend a lot of time reading my books (engineering . . . it’s not fun to read math) so I didn’t really know what would be best.  

I spent a few weeks first semester of 1L testing out three different types/brands of highlighters that I felt were encompassing of highlighters as a whole. 
1        1. BasicSharpie Highlighter
(a girl has to stay true to her roots)
     3. ZebraMildliners

Basic Sharpie Highlighters

With regular paper I love sharpie highlighters. They are bright, cheap, and I know Sharpie makes good products so I trust them. BUT, for law schoolbooks that wasn’t really the case. Your law schoolbook is crowded enough with words, so I actually found the extreme brightness of sharpie highlighters really distracting. They also have great pigment, but the ink comes out thick, dries slow, and then bleeds through your books. I usually only had bleed though when at the beginning or end of my highlight, but when you flip the page and have random multicolored dots everywhere, that is a little annoying. PLUS, even when they are soaking through, law schoolbook pages are so think you can still see the shadow of these highlighters through the page.

All in all, not horrible, but I’m not happy.

Pen + Gear Gel Highlighter

I had never used gel highlighters before law school, but I had seen them recommended specifically because of the bleed through issue with other highlighters so I decided to try them out. They definitely deliver when it comes to not bleeding through, because they are gel instead of ink. They also don’t shadow through like the Sharpie highlighters. I ended up only finding them in bright colors, your classic highlighter colors, and I still found the bright contrast with the white page straining on my eyes, so I didn’t like that.

The thing that really made me stop using these highlighters though, was my pages sticking together. The gel never really seemed to dry, so any page that the gel went on a little thick would stick, which was really annoying when I went to flip through. Plus, little bits of the gel would build up on the sides and then clumps would fall off into my book and stick.

All in all, if you kind find some that dry out eventually & aren’t so bright, I would consider trying them again.

Zebra Mildliners

The highlighters that put all other highlighters to shame.

Honestly, considered just leaving you with that because that is how much I love these highlighters. They are, go figure, mild/pastel colors so they don’t hurt your eyes. They come with a larger chisel tip & a fine point tip so you can accurately highlight multiple sizes of type. (I really like the fine point tip for the smaller fonts in case books) and . .  . THEY DON”T SOAK THROUGH YOUR PAGE. They are the magic of highlighters, because they even stay in their lane in my con law book which has pages so thin you can see through them. The ink doesn’t shadow either. They are truly amazing and made me dump the other two types of highlighters.

I’ve even had a few friends who have made the switch and love them. Before class people ask me all the time (I promise I’m not exaggerating) what kind of highlighters I use and then come back and tell me how much they love them after they made the switch.

The only con about these highlighters is that they are a little more expensive than I would usually spend. I bought mine at walmart for $15 though and they have lasted me through the whole year, so I would say it was a worthwhile investment. The link I have is to amazon and they are $15/15 pack.

All in all, do yourself a favor and start with these.

If you have any other highlighter recommendations LMK below!