5 Feel Good Shows to Get You Through the Law School Blues

We love law school. We do, right? Buuuttt, sometimes it gets you down. For me, there are two cures to a long day: a hot shower and tv that makes me laugh. (Okay there might be three because wine is a thing) I have found that watching a new series really stresses me out because I would rather be doing that then homework and then I end up in this endless cycle of guilt. So, I try to keep it to light fluffly shows that I’ve seen before so that I can watch and episode or two and walk away.
To be honest, I’m playing catch up on a lot of TV because until I was halfway through my junior year of college the only mainstream TV I watched was The Big Bang Theory. Don’t worry though, after graduating and working and then taking the summer before law school off I more than made up for all the TV I missed.
So, here is my list of feel good shows that make you laugh at their dumb jokes:

1. The Office
It’s a classic, what can I say. There is nothing better than watching some of my favorite office episodes after a long day and laughing a little before bed!

2. Parks & Rec
Honestly, I wish I would have found this show so long ago. I watched it for the first time last year and fell in love. Plus, being from Indiana I can tell you it hits a little too close to home sometimes, but in the way where you know nothing is perfect and if you can’t laugh at yourself then what can you laugh at. I’m also always motivated to eat a salad and redeem my state a little afterward.

3. The Good Place
Two of my closest friends in law school and I bonded over our mutual love of the good place during the first weeks of law school. This is a feel-good show if there ever was one. It’s hilarious and honest and makes me smile the whole time I’m watching it. 10/10 recommend.

I guess I honestly wouldn’t classify these next two shows a “feel good” per say, but if you don’t wind down to HGTV and TLC then I feel very sorry for you. I love to turn on these shows while I’m outlining or doing meinial tasks at the end of a long day because I can relax and enjoy life a little while still getting some work done. I may work a little slower while I’ve got the TV on but it is well worth it.
P.S. If you have a roku (great streaming device if your’re interested) both of these channels have a Roku Channel where you can watch shows for free. It is a really nice option if you are cheap like me and refuse to pay for cable or satellite.

4. House Hunters

5.  Say Yes to the Dress