When I made the decision to go to law school back home in Indiana I was so excited to be back near my family in the Midwest. I loved my time on the East Coast but honestly this Midwestern girl says No Coast, Best Coast. Anyway, I came back early so that I would still qualify for instate tuition. I had to leave my job at the beginning of May and because I left so late there really wasn’t an opportunity to find a good job. I also live about an hour from any sort of major retail chain so I wasn’t interested in paying all that money in gas to make minimum wage again.

Instead I decided I would save as much as I could and spend the summer at home with my family. I have had a professional summer internship in engineering since my freshman year of college and the idea of spending time with the people I love was enticing. So far, I have loved this decision. It has allowed me to focus on spending time with family and friends before life gets crazy again and start prepping for law school. I love both of these activities so much, so I’m glad I took the opportunity to enjoy it.

Even though I am mostly home bound this summer I am taking a couple trips with friends and family! Check out the link(s) below to see my summer travel plans!

What are some of your favorite travel memories? Do you have any must do quick weekend trips?